What the heck is DPADD?

Dpadd.com is an online journal and social network for gamers. Dpadd allows users to record every game they play, rate and review titles and manage a list of games they want to play. Gamers can share updates with friends and industry professionals. Dpadd also offers a centralized profile for gamers to manage their existing gaming accounts like Xbox Live, Playstation Network, Steam and Twitch. Our goal is to become the best place for gamers to diary their gaming, manage their collection and keep tabs on all the games they want to play.

Who's behind DPADD?

DPADD is designed and developed by Clayton Correia, a UI designer/developer dude from Vancouver, Canada.

Where does the data come from?

Game data for DPADD is generously provided by our good friends at Giant Bomb. This site wouldn't be possible without their help so please go spend some time on their site and watch some of their great video content.